21. A Conversation About Healing and Self Care with Paul Denniston


Hello and welcome to the If We KnewThen podcast. I’m Stephen Saux

and I’m Lori Saux

today is a follow up to our self care episode with Paul Denniston all has gifted us with a thirty minute meditation so we won’t have our traditional wrap up to this podcast episode but you can find all of those links in the show notes all welcome again to if you knew then thank you so much for having me tell us about this meditation the meditation it’s a gift this it’s a yoga nidra guided meditation and yoga nidra think of it as the yoga sleep and all you have to do it is laid bare and what I do and it is it’s a guided meditation first that connects you to your brats and then we’ll start to like focus on different areas of your body and all just kind of guide you around there and then we’re going to move into a place that’s kind of the Roland it’s kind you know it’s something that almost like a dream it’s a great medication if you’re feeling overwhelmed and in your head because it will help you to get into your body if you’re having you know a hard time sleeping it can be something that you can turn to sometimes just experiencing the meditation can actually be like you had a nap so it’s something during any time you can turn to it to help you to quiet your mind to help you to get into your body and help you to take a step towards more peaks what a gift I can’t welcome this is a practice called yoga nidra it could also be called yoga sleep the intention with this guided meditation is to help quiet your mind by observing the brass I’ll be guiding you into a time of relaxation that works on different brain waves I invite you once we get started to do absolutely nothing but to listen to the sound of my voice to surrender into an effortless rest %HESITATION restorative presents so much research has been done with yoga nidra for helping with stress reduction anxiety and addiction thirty minute practice of yoga nidra equal to about four hours of sleep begin by lying down I invite you to lay still for thirty minutes if at anytime you feel uncomfortable please move adjust your body to what feels right for you to support you yoga nidra is like a vacation in life medication for myself when feeling anxious stocks come up thank you to turn your attention to my voice observe your thoughts without being attached to them you can see them you can hear them but all you have to do is just notice them make yourself comfortable take this time to be quiet you can do this seated or lying down the practice of yoga nidra increases melatonin and serotonin which aids in calming the body I’ll be guiding you at times there will be silence and I’ll get out of the way and then you’ll hear my voice come back to guide you further close your eyes I’m sorry your brass quiet your mind he still release all thoughts or intentions be open to finding surrender in this moment connect to a power greater than yourself relax trashed thank take a deep breath and exhale with a deep sigh again slowly exhale with a deep sigh %HESITATION let go and sauce and even more can you be open to feeling a deep sense of contentment peace in your heart just be open allow an intention of rest perhaps even whisper it to yourself I rest with ease I rest with ease develop awareness in your body observe any sensations in your body your body holds your spirit your body is helped you to accomplish and share contributions the best it can now well your body to rest your body to rest deeply the fees this allow your whole body to participate fully by resting deeply find trusted whatever issues weigh heavy on you will dissolve and be released effortlessly bring your attention to your four and your eyebrows center and to your mind observing any songs like clouds in the sky floating by let yourself know be open to ceiling New York energy expand beyond all boundaries as you let go surrender to silence deep stillness we let go right now allow the commentary of your mind to do so wow observe sensation feel yourself descending down down down into the stillness of the mind allow your body to rest in a comfortable position but do not fall asleep throughout this entire period remain relaxed and motionless I learned awake and conscious listen to my voice and guidance whatever disturbances that are rice external or internal let it drive you deeper within yoga nidra we enter the subconscious prana field to shift your thinking and doing interfering and being do absolutely nothing from this point on just being simply relax surrender into the deepest state peace and stillness your awareness and consciousness are deeply connected with your energy body observe your breath fully bring your attention to your breathing allow there to be no struggle keeping your breath as you use your exhale to release any tension let your breath flow with the steady ease I can %HESITATION broken stream observe your abdomen as it expands and contracts with your press keep in and out with each exhalation soften your body deeper keep releasing tension held in your body %HESITATION shoes here press to progressively enter a deeper level of stillness and silence we will continue with more slow deep breaths count down like this ten I am preaching in ten I am freezing out nine I am breathing in nine I am freezing out eight I am breathing in I am freezing out keep breathing at your own pace Sir the sound of your breath now allow your breasts to return to normal can you feel the energy of the brass in the body can you feel close sessions in the body your awareness allows the energy field in the body to grow and expand let your mind melt flowing in the river of energy throughout your body %HESITATION embrace silent space dropping to just being effortless state of being I will now guide you to different parts of your body follow as I guide you and observe sensations just connect to the power of consciousness allow any blocks to dissolves as I guide you to different points of your body allow yourself to feel healing energy moves throughout there’s nothing to do just be observed yourself in silent awareness bring your attention to your forehead and eyebrows center correct right shoulder right elbow right wrist right from index finger middle finger ring finger singer right wrist elbow shoulder %HESITATION left side left shoulder hello on the left wrist left from the index finger middle finger ring finger Littlefinger left wrist elbow shoulder observed to throw the middle of the chest right side of the chest middle of the chest the left side of the chest middle of the chest nasal point middle of pubic bone right right me right ankle second toe thirty forced ankle the last ten last name thank they tell second tell third town forced to fifty ankle middle of the pubic bone naval point middle of the chest throat and up into the brown center he’s bring your focus to your brow center embrace compassionate presence in your third eye observe the expansiveness the silence and stillness %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION arrest in infinite space be aware and accept whatever comes into your conscious without judgment or comment whatever comes up let it float by like a cloud in the sky observe sensations in your entire body I feel heavy the weight of gravity pulling you down like a stone sinking in water as a falling deeper read your body surrender to gravity pulling you down %HESITATION each exhale allows you to soften deeper surrender your whole body feels heavy totally let go like a rock sinking in water it is safe to soften Atletico shift but all of the weight fade away and allow your body to be light I care or a fluffy cloud clear liberated free floating and T. and hello allow your whole body to feel like %HESITATION silence here mind and sense the openness of your body %HESITATION you feel completely protected and safe Preciado the gift and power of your energy body you surrender and release your attachment of your physical body you are free from the identity of your mind and body release Xperience liberation freedom of all boundaries of your body and mind past and future inefficient all fade away I need to be at peace surrender %HESITATION the rest in serenity allow any healing intelligence of the body to liberate it function it perfectly surrender and she’ll deeply connected with spirit face and trust interesting right experience effortless consciousness allow yourself to receive the following images judge nothing remain unconditionally open and present to all that passes in the field of your awareness cloud floating in the sky shining star from about %HESITATION %HESITATION and a light of a candle the protection of the sun the sun setting in the ocean go deeper into the next layer of relaxation piece bring your attention to your forehead the light center between your eyebrows were free yourself from all doing the empty there’s nothing you need to change there is nothing to do this is a sanctuary of peace allow your mind to melt into your consciousness this presents you are surrounded and grace %HESITATION %HESITATION train grace and intention using these affirmations to help you to flow with ease anything that’s holding you back sounds earned or habits let them go here I am peaceful I am saying I rest with ease peaceful I am safe I rest with ease I am peaceful I am safe I asked with ease you’re wiser higher self honors this intention and knows it to be true trashed this intention has been heard have faith thank your higher power is allowing this intention to be you don’t have to do anything about it it just is I feel balanced bring your attention between your eyebrows M. brace this light this temple of your heart allow my words to flow through you effortlessly I am at peace with myself I am at peace with the world as it is I surrender to divine eternal light heal my body to my mind I surrender to restful awareness of my spirit I I am clear an open vessel of divine guidance I flow free Haley I connect to my source I offer the power of love to all my interactions in life I offer compassion and kindness all of my relationships I am an image of the light I’m sure if you’re pressed with the rise and fall of this life force energy I settled back into your physical body your body resting exploring sensations the temperature in the room the air on your skin I’m aware of your space slowly rise into awareness of the here and now take your time and when you’re ready gently move your body as if you are awakening from a deep sleep O. rest on this singers tones if you’re flying and your knees hug them into your chest you can gently rocked from side to side allow your body to show you how to move take your time come into a fetal position by turning on your right side supported by the years feel protected comfortable you know safety I am safe cancer and %HESITATION all I can go I am cool anytime you feel triggered challenged or reactive you can always return to this space the sanctuary of peace this altar of the divine in a moment I’ll bring you up to seated I advise you to keep your eyes closed if you would prefer to stay where you are pleased to tune into the stillness when you’re ready come up to a comfortable seated position with their eyes closed and continue to stay deep within this experience %HESITATION recognize something has shifted something has changed you have connected to a deeper space within I’m aware of your body turning to the peace and contentment within you observe how relaxed your body is observe how soft your breath is observe how quiet your mind is how gentle your heart beats you can return here whenever you want and when you rise be grateful bring your palms together to your heart find your center observe your breath soften into your heart when ready open your eyes as if the windows to your soul gently into a new day I knew some rice a new morning gently bow your chin toward your chest and recognize the wisdom the light and energy chair within you Mustang

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