35. Building a Realistic Approach to a Healthy Dental Routine – Dr. Jill Lasky


Hello and welcome to the If We Knew Then podcast I’m Stephen Saux

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And today we have Dr Jill Lasky from the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group.

This is our second visit with Dr. Jill. I always love talking to her because dentistry and dental health can be overwhelming for many reasons and she just has a way of putting unities and giving you approaches that are accessible and realistic and that has been such a useful tool for both of our kids for both Liam and Sophia and she’s a mom you know she has two boys think it probably stems from that that she understands the reality of a household in trying to get kids to brush floss in maintain their their dental health and if it’s not something we can do as parents then we’re not gonna do it right now totally and in this episode in particular she gives us tips to share with you on how to tackle those put can be overwhelming you know at night time routines her practice is in studio city California so if you are living in the southern California area she is definitely worth the drive we should office that was the further before I when we were looking for a dentist for kids and I have to tell you just east of feet Liam is not the one who had dental problems Sophia so if you had a lot of dental challenges and man it was it’s it’s worth the drive to have somebody who is going to be patient and caring and kind M. and Levin if you will at for a dentist to be Levin I think that is a very unique combination but she’s the most loving and kind dentist that gets the job done and does an amazing job that I have ever happened upon it’s a family affair her husband Michael is the other doctor in the practice right and it and I think maybe that’s it maybe it’s just it’s about family so from our family to yours in this month of gratitude let us share with you as someone we are profoundly grateful. So now Dr Jill.

Thank you so much for joining us again on the podcast.

Thank you for having me.

It’s our pleasure because you have been such a gift in and our lives and our learning about how to approach the dentist that we were so fortunate to be able to share that with everybody else obviously many people may have concerns about going to an appointment during the pandemic a specially if they may feel a checkup is not totally necessary what safety valves have you had to build in your practice and and and what physical changes have you made in the office to stay safe and and help ease concerns of your patience ourselves we have a face mask that looks different %HESITATION I clip my on my glasses so it’s not that invasive looking I we have double mass that high Dennis were yellow gallon I do depending on what procedure I’m doing %HESITATION but the waiting room is different and the toys in the toy boxes now thanks candy jars you know add filled up twice you tell that front desk what you want %HESITATION we’re not really having as many parents in the back anymore movies so hard in the private rooms but and that open area relief the kids can have a high Jenis clean number having the parents say the front and %HESITATION there’s like these shower curtain devices between the chairs and we sprayed the rooms after everyone gets up with that nontoxic disinfectant that the kind of cleans the air in the happen filters around at these a sneeze guards on that front desk hand sanitizers and the waiter was kinda rearranged I mean it’s still looks home it was very important that I keep it that way the aesthetics are really clean style %HESITATION people are doubting I know staying open for your patience is important and you want to make the office a safe place for them and and your staff and yourself but you still want to keep the place warm you want this office to be inviting you know %HESITATION a comfortable place a calming place I know you have high standards for safety so what kind of guidance did you have for all these changes well there’s tons and tons of webinars that’s what we did special last year the last two to three weeks before we opened I there’s not necessarily like a number but out of people you have to be in the space which we definitely cuts down the volume and just we’ve kind of adapted their guidelines the American dental association put out like you returning to work guidelines the CDA had some so we just kind of like used the different guidelines to get your temperature of this question you asked me for my staff has I have to have their temperature taken every day I mean it’s a combination of what Michael and I am studied what we thought we could adapt to our space what’s a pickle to our space on the hard guidelines we can’t do all dentistry acts are really not supposed to use that the drawing hand piece yet unless it’s that emergency so we’ve modified what procedures we can do that’s probably that most direct guidelines on the day the vault when we first opened you could do things that we cannot do some more things again it’s it’s always evolving so patients %HESITATION he’s been the key thing that we had to learn for sure patients in bean %HESITATION very open and having our whole team be open that’s been at another interesting aspect to this try to make sure everybody feels comfortable it’s really important to me that that staff feels comfortable with working invite anyone to our home so did dry runs we had individual like by front desk team in the high Jenis T. or the systems team we had stuff done you know without the proper work yes well patience is the key especially as we learn more and more as how to implement these protocols exactly it’s it’s everyone is learning how to to involve everyone during how what where do you work today and then I guess what now we’re changing and it’s taking that parenting skills to the next level and trying to actually remind a bunch of twenty thirty forty you know you’re old men and women that we still have to change what what was what was what worked it out two months ago isn’t working now it’s a definitely learning for everybody one thing about dentistry that maybe not everyone is aware of this just how important the health of your teeth and your gums are to your overall health we discussed in our last interview with you some issues and and non issues when it comes to tooth decay in children with down syndrome but what can’t be overlooked is the correlation of gum health to overall inflammation of the body right and we’re finding out with more and more that more than we understand about you know like it used to be you know you have a cabin you candy you don’t brush your teeth and it’s so not true and that’s I mean yes what people are more prone because the bacteria levels in their mouth so some people have to work harder to make sure that if they have beds built less than ideal chemistry they’re more at risk for decay and that you know that’s why what I said about you know kids a down syndrome typically they fall not lower risk for cavities but they’re gone house support to make sure they can masticating chew properly make sure that they’re you know tongue is still in the best condition I can be at all those other things important to make sure that they’re all secure because then the other thing that’s very common they have missing teeth besides its teeth being smaller they don’t always have that aspect the full dentition they don’t have a full amount of adult replacements for all their baby teeth so a lot of times there might be kids with down syndrome are young adults or older adults is thought baby teeth in their mouth see to make sure that they don’t get a second chance and that too that is as healthy as possible so the gum and the parrot on GM that is holding at the gum and bone that’s holding those baby teeth in their mouth is so critical because there’s no replacement for that so they need to have it when they’re you know in their adult life in their forties and fifties plus which brings about a topic that everybody loves in that flossing do you want would you talk about flossing I know Stevens just discovered the water pick do those good to this goes hand in hand flossing and water pick get the latest research shows that if you use a water pick the and I only can speak for the water pick brands there are eighty A. studies American dental association studies that that is equivalent to flossing add a water pick is definitely more user friendly than flossing although there are different phosphine %HESITATION tools at this thing called dump trucks that has a two handed model that’s easier to floss properly but the water pick is at absolute amazing tool they have once now that even go in the shower so you don’t necessarily need to floss or do that kind of don care foster waterpik in conjunction with brushing so if you’re baiting once a day you can have the water pick in your shower or bath tub and specially designed the best your side to drain a water environment you know you know does not doesn’t matter as much and you can you know do your water pick when you’re baiting and then that’s the one time a day you can brush brush your teeth before after so it’s a great great %HESITATION adjunct at it desolate you don’t need the same dexterity %HESITATION and it feels good to have a car like that you know pressure washer on your on your guns so it’s a great tool on whitewater pick our faucet is imperative to keep your gums healthy what I can tell you probably no matter how healthy your gums are you can brush your teeth and rinse your mouth and then you get a water pick in there and and and and it only has to happen every once in awhile you’ll go wait how did how did that just come out yeah because of that going to get in the boring but it’s about at the angle on the policy that it will get things up and the focus which is that the I’m kind of like the knack between the tooth and the gum edit the water can kick things up that were down there deeper that our toothbrush bristles can’t sweep down there S. fossil goes between the TD doesn’t go icon that the flat part the direct part of your your tooth so yeah the water that’s great you know you mentioned the pulsing I for me I don’t use the posting just because I don’t know if it’s doing as much it doesn’t feel like it’s a strong but you just mentioned it does it sometimes maneuver things better what it does it even just the way it works out but you know it’s just the it is our regular bell it still has a policy that you’re not aware of that it it does it’s just that it’s just how it’s not exactly that’s why I know that the water pick brown has that and that’s what the studies are correlated with versus some other brands I don’t know if they have that seat capacity it’s fine to use on the standard mode as well in regards to the water picked you have any suggestions or approaches for somebody who has down syndrome and how how would I approach like for lamb what advice would you give me if I wanted to start him on a water pick so the best thing to do for all dental care we are trying to do and somebody else is to go from behind so in front even if it’s you know a parent a loving care giver right you’re you’re gonna be more so he’s coming at you right so our animal instinct is to Dodge tax rates so if you’re from behind and that child put their heads up to that looking at the ceiling in their look their eyes are eyes and you can see the person and then you have more control of their head so that’s that’s the first thing I would do so for brushing that’s technique I recommend %HESITATION answer using any kind of water pick or if you want to wash your child so have them stand you stand behind them to put their hand up and then you are able to brush or use a water tank if you want them to model want them to try to do it independently I’m the one that I referred to that can go into the shower is portable it’s wireless so you can use it with one or two hands depending on you know their grasp and and their dexterity level and just have them closer let if I would first fill them with it off and so they kind of put it at the gum line and then deported on yet the pure sure let’s sort of go everywhere %HESITATION but it just kind of I would mimic it by guiding them with their hands on that you see on the apparatus it out with you and then eventually they’ll be able to let your hand go just like you with the training Wheeler bike or anything else you kind of have to guide them through and then eventually they’ll so comfortable and you let go you let them you know go out it the coming from behind to ski so toothbrush obviously the main tool to use if you can try to get your kids to floss you had mentioned dump trucks that might help with flossing make a little easier and with the handles and stuff and I know so if you use those sure likes the gum chucks also a waterpik which is very effective option feels good in math some kids might really like that are there any other tools that you recommend that parents can introduce their children to help them maintain oral health yeah I’ve had parents have success with like the the double headed toothbrushes are specially if their child really likes and not in ju if that’s kind of like whatever something about they they tend to chew on it there’s ones %HESITATION that have like Bristol global sites the live parents like that there’s ones where it’s like two hands it’s almost like that do you have a copy I mean I would definitely kind of do a search I’m on the internet and you kind of have the bias you and see what works best but the bottom line whatever I say at at some kids like electric toothbrush that like that vibration that stimulation %HESITATION you know is is good for them they like that vibration on their guns with or without teeth but it’s consistency I would pick a time of day I would definitely not do that record for you got it bad and so %HESITATION stated me that it’s in a lot of times like you’ve had enough I would I think that brushing before you after you eat before you go too bad it’s critical because while you sleep everything sets they’re not moving their tongue around they’re not talking and that’s when the damage kind of happens so it’s key to have the PM rush but sometimes it’s best to take care of that in the kitchen or right after you’re finished eating I’m not doing it like baby after bath and things already kind of quieted down because last time I can get the kids riled up again or everyone kind of had a day and they’re done they need whatever bedtime our is to not come soon enough you know sometimes it’s so I’m a realistic person so I would kind of pick up earlier in the evening and just do it every single day no matter what went skipped unless your child like in the car the fall CBS transformation to their crab but anything just shy of that even if it’s for ten seconds you need that consistency because for everybody that routine is key R. it might be a different tooth brush night might be without toothpaste because you don’t have that fight tonight but it needs to be some attention to the mouth so that’s what I’d recommend and whatever you can get in there if you if you do whatever you can get I mean the two minutes twice a day is that I don’t know that’s I’m not might do well to my house that that is still struggle with ABS seventeen a fourteen year old boys so I do you know if you teach at least got to get my goal is five seconds every evening I think is is that anything above that you know your your sharing yourself and you’re by yourself on the back maybe that’s it that it maybe not gonna write that it a textbook on you know how to care for tea but that’s kind of like the realistic parents approach that I think that I need to make sure that parents know it’s okay it’s okay this that’s why he gets night it’s okay again this is why we love yes just the ease you give because you know you as a parent %HESITATION the pressures that we all have and if you’re a parent of a child with a disability you could have a little more pressure involved I mean we feel that way %HESITATION but some people may not but to us there’s just this overwhelming pressure chamber that’s just kind of ready to go off just kind of more there and and if we can just feel Hey even if it’s no toothpaste just just can I get a toothbrush in my kid’s mouth doing that and getting that and they’re just making a routine and then can we just move on yes I know you you it’s a lot of times like I want my kids I want at least what they should be doing what you know the extortionate my friends join wi fi is Paris like compare right look at my child for who they are look at my child for who they are but sometimes you like worries were supposed to be and everybody does that but if you can just stay centered and just feel like I’m doing what I know is best for what what my individual child right now and I’m doing the best they can and this is what our reality is you know in this this quarantine and we’re tavion discussing before like what is this going to mean for our kids for not having these milestones mats for these you know life’s events that are happening I’m in a virtual world or not having experience with each other you know here’s we just have to sit back for a minute and be like look the child is going through it has nothing else to compare it to so let’s just make it the best experience we can and not try to feel pressured and end N. rosh and feel like we have to look look what’s next to us in behind us and around us to just be present with what you have right there and be grateful for that what we have just even hearing your conversation and the pressure you know that we have with you know brushing brushing lambs teeth and making it into a habit and we’ve had relatively good success because because I think we’ve had these conversations with you and Liam has made into a habit and he is very proud at this you know it was struggle but now he’ll do it on his own and he loves it because he feels so independent and he wants to come out and show us his teeth and have a smell his breath so but it’s it’s that level of fees that you use your words can really give a gave me the freedom to to to to be there you know and and sometimes we need that permission because we’re always trying to I think any parent any mother and a father any guardian is always trying to do it right and we’re all doing our best but sometimes that I’m trying to do it right cans make this subtle shift into just this insurmountable pressure we put on ourselves and it does take someone from the outside to give us the permission to not seek this perfection that we continually seek that inevitably falls with a hard hammer of reality always I doubt in the other thing is I mean I I have here is a common I need my son sectors pacified he was almost six years old I mean is mom dad and grandfather or pediatric dentist that is what you know David needed I it’s it’s I’m not supposed to do it what are you doing messing up his teeth I mean all the things I might okay but that’s you know I had a look at him in different than his brother and and I I have parents I have other people so you have to do this you ask you that I’m thinking it was the asked to percent all you have to do is love our kids and provide at you know are the safest home possible and you know hopefully soon our table and give a sense of security because where they feel safe then they can thrive and grow and be as independent as they can so that’s enough they have to stuff bothers me it’s it’s it can be very Wayne and it sounds like you’re doing good to have like guidelines but sometimes it it backs I think about fires and then did you fall as a parent and then that conspired to something else that isn’t going to be helpful for anybody yourself your relationship you know anyone at all well that really is a great segue into what we like to ask yes a lot of times isn’t if we knew then statement usually it’s has something to do with down syndrome I was trying to figure out how to ask you this question of something that you wish you knew of you know years ago %HESITATION is there %HESITATION is there something you wish you knew years ago or last week %HESITATION yeah could be last week or yesterday something that you that you wish you knew then and it could be about your practice or maybe just as a parent or maybe specific to the down syndrome I’m I think I wish I hadn’t as I’m getting older I can was talking to mark a parents %HESITATION to trust myself more I think and not question I’m not look around as much I think that it I wish I trust my own instincts a little bit more instead of looking for experts all the time to give me permission to parents the way that I thought was right for you know my child and where they were my boys were at that moment on it there were no matter what the you know textbooks as where they’re supposed to be what Boston is supposed to be reaching if I could just trust might yeah got it might you know mommy instinct and all those kind of things that were given with you know Ted artisan tornal compasses or whatever you know catch phrase is important now I think if I just kind of new to rely on that they doubt that’s probably it would have made those first few years a lot easier for me as a parent just having you as our dentist really changed G. basically my relationship with both of my kids because one thing that you do that I heard so early on was the way you talked to Sophia and then lamb and the tone and the words you would use you would say okay love and she’s really kind up lifting words and you don’t make a big deal out of it this is your vocabulary and I started to use those words and that’s how I talk to that’s how I talk to Sophia even if she’s done something that’s frustrating I’ll still use it as a kind term of endearment and it just it just changes the environment and the relationship and it while you’re late for you while you’re working in in their mouth doing this thing that can be very frightening and then for me as a parent you take any situation and at the but at the foundation of it is care and at and that is so important and it’s not something that’s like Hey I really care about you summon a flosser teeth now it’s just there and I think that that’s what’s absorbed is that okay this might be scary and this might even hurt a little bit like the shot might hurt a little bit but there’s just this inside thing that they know that they’re cared for and and I’ve and I took it from you and I use it in the home because I and it does it makes it makes a huge difference on on any conversation or situation so I thank you for that thank you thank you thank you Dr Jill thank you so much again for being on the podcast we always love talking to you we would love to see you but we love hearing what you have to say you’re so knowledgeable and we really appreciate all this wonderful information that we’re able to share with our listeners thank you I your your policy your family and I just keep big cuts to the phone and we’ll see you soon whenever the kids are ready at the office.

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