36. Giving Everyone Access to a Down Syndrome Specialty Clinic with DSC2U – Dr. Brian Skotko

Dr. Brian is the director of the Down Syndrome Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, a Board-certified medical geneticist and has dedicated his professional energies toward children with cognitive and developmental disabilities.  Today we talk about his new online clinic, DSC2U, the importance of inclusion and how we as a community can help the medical profession improveContinue reading “36. Giving Everyone Access to a Down Syndrome Specialty Clinic with DSC2U – Dr. Brian Skotko”

28. A Story of Inclusion with Eleanor Baggaley- Author of ‘Ava The Mermaid’

Our conversation with author, wife, mother of three and Down syndrome advocate, Eleanor Baggaley. We discuss inclusion and her children’s books, particularly ‘Eva The Mermaid’. Eleanor also shares about her work with the organization Positive About Down Syndrome and some of her future plans of advocacy in the community. Eleanor’s Website: https://www.eleanorbaggaley.com/shop Positive About DownContinue reading “28. A Story of Inclusion with Eleanor Baggaley- Author of ‘Ava The Mermaid’”

27. Our IEP Process: Some Things We Have Learned

IEP’s can be very overwhelming especially when you feel like you don’t have all the information that you want to have. In this episode we share some of the things we have learned to be helpful during this sometimes stressful process and ways to advocate for your child while still keeping your peace. Page 2:Continue reading “27. Our IEP Process: Some Things We Have Learned”

26. PALS Programs – A Deeper Conversation About Down Syndrome

Our second interview with members of the PALS Programs. We talk about how the PALS Programs is planning for future camps and some of the more personal experiences the founders of the organization have with Down syndrome. Joining us is Executive Director, Jenni Newbury Ross and her mother Robyn and brother Jason. We were alsoContinue reading “26. PALS Programs – A Deeper Conversation About Down Syndrome”

25. A Right to Celebrate – When the Medical Profession Steals the Joy of New Parents – Rachel Mewes

Our second interview with Rachel Mewes. Rachel is a contributing editor to Making Chromosomes Count, the Down syndrome community newspaper. She opens up on her not so uncommon birth story and the prejudices she found in the medical profession. Making Chromosomes Count: http://makingchromosomescount.co.uk  Page 2: Episode Transcript

24. The Importance of Disability Inclusion in Film – Nic Novicki

Comedian, actor, producer and disability advocate Nic Novicki joins us to talk about the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge and the importance of disability inclusion in film. Film Challenge Website: https://disabilityfilmchallenge.com  Our 2020 EDFC entry: https://youtu.be/WiX-rt51szo  All the challenge’s films on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOhZ4i5Tnk3iq44Tzn03rBMOcr0bqFrnV  Page 2: Episode Transcript

20. A New School Year – COVID19, IEPs and Supports – Georgianna Junco-Kelman

Another informative talk with attorney Georgianna Junco-Kelman. What do parents need to know heading into a new school year amidst COVID-19?  Georgianna’s Website: http://www.losangelesspecialedattorney.com  CA Special Education Guidelines for COVID-19: https://www.cde.ca.gov/ls/he/hn/specialedcovid19guidance.asp  Page 2: Episode Transcript

19. PALS Programs – Congratulations Project

Our interview with members of the PALS Program. We talk about the organization and specifically their Congratulations Project. Joining us is Co-founder and Executive Director, Jenni Newbury Ross and her mother and brother, Robyn and Jason. We were also joined by Congratulations Project Associate, Grace Wahle and Communications Coordinator, Colton Davies. Congratulations Project: https://www.congratulationsproject.org  PageContinue reading “19. PALS Programs – Congratulations Project”

18. Project Understood – Part 2 – Two Perspectives of Down Syndrome – Ed Casagrande and Matt MacNeil

Our second interview with Ed Casagrande and Matt MacNeil from the Canadian Down Syndrome Society concerning their collaboration with Google AI to create a database that can help train Google’s speech recognition technology to better understand people with Down Syndrome. Donate your voice at: https://projectunderstood.ca CDSS “Down Syndrome Answers” Initiative: https://cdss.ca/down-syndrome-answers/ Page 2: Episode Transcript

16. Pushing The Limits – Chris Nikic’s Road To IRONMAN

Interview with Chris Nikic and his parents, Nik and Patty. Chris is the first person with Down syndrome to complete a half IRONMAN and is training to attempt the full 140.6 mile course in November. We discuss how people with Down Syndrome can do more than ever expected if given the right tools and time.Continue reading “16. Pushing The Limits – Chris Nikic’s Road To IRONMAN”

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